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Wanted: Few Good Canadian Uber, Lyft, On-Demand Drivers
Find Your Carma, Drive, Make Money and Set Yourself Free!

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To get started, submit a quick reservation request or email [email protected] and we will contact you. If you're new to driving on-demand, we'll help you get set up with Uber, Lyft and more!

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Check out our simple pricing and features. Reserve your car today (no payment or credit card required for Carma reservation).

Car Rentals for Uber, Lyft and More!
No Long Term Contracts

Carma offers you the flexibility of short term rentals as few as 7 days. This is a great way to become an Uber/Lyft Entrepreneur and create your own income and freedom!

Make Money + 25% Equity

Keep more of the money you make with our simple all inclusive pricing model  Plus you accumulate 25% of your Carma payments towards Drive2Own Carma Discounts for buying your own car in a year. 

Wanted: Late Model Cars for Uber, Lyft Drivers in Canada
Share Your Car for On-Demand Economy & Make Money!

Rental Flexibility

Car Owners Get Started Today. Rent your late model car (2012 or better) with flexible rentals whenever it is most convenient to you (minimum one week at a time).

Trusted Drivers

Your car is rented to trusted, reliable ride-sharing drivers in your community.

Car Rentals for Ridesharing, On-Demand Uber, Lyft and More!

Your car is duly insured by a leading Canadian auto insurance company.

Ongoing Income

Car owners can make tons of extra cash per year in automatic recurring income.

Carma - On-Demand Car Rental Service Provider for Uber, Lyft and More!

Your Good CARMA Awaits 

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